Rail construction projects require the highest accuracy standards when it comes to planning, stakeout and documentation. Hexagon offers smart positioning solutions for construction equipment and surveying tools to acquire track geometry and track environment data.

Machine Control

Real-time earthmoving machine control solutions allow heavy construction equipment to work at the highest performance and accuracy. The latest sensor technology allows work to be completed faster, without loss of precision, while increasing machine utilisation and productivity.


Achieve the highest accuracy and reliability during stakeout and construction with measurement systems that provide angle and distance technology and a powerful suite of onboard apps to visualise, position and guide the infrastructure engineering process.

New Construction

High-precision surveying systems support the different construction phases for adjustment of track positions and heights, and provide correction data. Also used for as-built documentation, these solutions provide comprehensive reporting and visualisation.

As-Built Geometry

Capture data to calculate the as-built, best-fit track geometry to define speed limits and track gauge, curvature, alignment, elevation and track surface according to the latest regulations and highest standards and use it as basis for every further survey task.

UAV Progress Reporting

Reporting progress to ensure weekly milestones are met is key to completing any construction project on schedule and budget. Reality capture solutions easily capture, measure and monitor progress and document every detail of the construction site.

Reality Capture

Mobile mapping technologies easily create 3D digital realities of as-built rail tracks and associated infrastructure to extract vital information, such as track geometry. Capture can take place at high speeds and processing software allows the visualisation of the data.

Case Studies

Scanning, measuring on rails

Performing as-built surveys on new rail construction in the United Kingdom

Advancing Mexico's transportation infrastructure

Performing fast and continuous data capture with SiTrack:One in Mexico

Improving the railway infrastructure of a capital city

Measuring for new rail lines in the United Kingdom

Reporter Rail Edition

This edition explores how Hexagon supports rail professionals through geospatial solutions.

Hexagon Geosystems - Railways Solutions - 3D Surveying

A digital representation of the rail network allows you to bring field work into the office and reduce the time staff spend on the tracks. Knowing the exact location and condition of all your assets is the foundation for new construction, operation and maintenance.


Hexagon Geosystems - Railways Solutions - Inspection & Monitoring

Operation and maintenance tasks can be automated with the use of mobile reality capture solutions that simplify the batch calculations of clearances, track geometry, track profiles, ballast volume, and catenary positions. Hexagon solutions also enable the reliable and digital measurement of loads.


Hexagon Geosystems - Railways Solutions - Maintenance & Planing

Hexagon’s sophisticated active infrastructure and slope monitoring processes and equipment prevent accidents and emergencies. In case of an incident, reality capture sensors help document the damage for informed decision making and efficient resource deployment.




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