Operation and maintenance tasks can be automated with the use of mobile reality capture solutions that simplify the batch calculations of clearances, track geometry, track profiles, ballast volume and catenary positions. Hexagon solutions also enable the reliable and digital measurement of loads.

Load Measurement

Accurate and automated measurement of high-wide loads is critical for safe freight transport. Allowing to measure and record loads from the ground to calculate clearances for transport turns an extreme challenge into an easy and safe task.

Track Geometry

Capture data to calculate the as-built, best-fit track geometry to define speed limits, track gauge, curvature, alignment, elevation and track surface according to the latest regulations and highest standards and use it as the basis for every further survey task.


Clearance calculates if the cross section of the train can fit through all parts of the line, taking rail geometry and train dynamics into consideration. Software solutions automatically calculate clearances between rail vehicles, wayside objects and adjacent tracks.

Platform Gauging

Too small gaps between platform and trains can cause mechanical interference that damages equipment. Automated batch calculation of the absolute distance and clearance survey that ensures safe operation simplifies the platform gauging process.


Overhead power cables are common geometric features that can be captured within a short period of time with mobile mapping solutions. Software batch processes railway data for detection, vectorisation and export of the catenary wires.

Tunnel Condition

Insufficiently maintained tunnels require costly and extensive repairs and are a safety risk to the network. Thermal cameras and radar technology can detect tunnel cracks and surface damages early to allow for early planning and scheduling of maintenance work.


Bridge and infrastructure maintenance requires regular inspection to detect structural deterioration. UAV-based remote sensing technology allows to easily inspect inaccessible structures to determine the condition and prevent damages.

Track Profiles

Measuring the track wear and analysing surface roughness secures smooth operation and greater wheel-rail interaction. A track profiler captures the data and software automatically extracts the rail profiles to provide actionable information to the operator.

Correction Service

An open-standard correction service is used with any GNSS device to quickly determine precise positions down to centimetre-accuracy. HxGN SmartNet is built on the world's largest reference station network constantly monitored for integrity, availability and accuracy

Ballast Condition

Sub-surface scanning of ballast thickness and identification of areas with poor bearing capacity improves maintenance and tamping. The ground penetrating radar system also differentiates between clean and fouled ballast and detects drainage problems.

Vegetation Encroachment

Rail operators need to regularly monitor the network for encroaching vegetation and trees that could affect the safety of passengers or cargo. With mobile mapping solutions, long distances can be documented at high speeds to identify dangers and maintenance planning.

Case Studies

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Increasing rail loads safety and efficiency in the USA

Preserving the quality of heritage infrastructure

Combining technologies to plan infrastructure maintenance activities for rail in Italy

Protecting heritage with upgraded rail clearance

Laser scanning and detailed survey to speed up acquisition and provide reliable data for heritage in Australian tunnels

Reporter Rail Edition

This edition explores how Hexagon supports rail professionals through geospatial solutions.

A digital representation of your rail network allows you to bring field work into the office and reduce the time staff spend on the tracks. Knowing the exact location and condition of all your assets is the foundation for new construction, operation and maintenance.


Hexagon Geosystems - Railways Solutions - Asset Management

Rail construction projects require the highest accuracy standards when it comes to planning, stakeout and documentation. Hexagon offers smart positioning solutions for construction equipment and surveying tools to acquire track geometry and track environment data.


Hexagon Geosystems - Railways Solutions - Maintenance & Planing

Hexagon’s sophisticated active infrastructure and slope monitoring processes and equipment prevent accidents and emergencies. In case of an incident, reality capture sensors help document the damage for informed decision making and efficient resource deployment.




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