Active infrastructure monitoring processes and equipment helps to mitigate accidents and service interruptions. In case of an incident, reality capture sensors help document the damage for informed decision making and efficient resource deployment.

Change Detection

Monitoring change to infrastructure or surrounding landscapes can be a time-consuming process. Sophisticated solutions are designed to help identify the changes and create reports to be used as basis for maintenance planning and decision making for rail networks.

Damage Documentation

Accurate damage documentation is part of modern risk management for railway infrastructure. Reality capture technology enables response teams to capture and collect the critical data safely and fast, to make better decisions in emergency situations.

Infrastructure Monitoring

Infrastructure monitoring solutions combine geodetic, geotechnical and meteorological sensors with customisable software ensuring a round-the-clock measurement cycle. Critical observations and status reports are shared automatically allowing for remote assessment and timely action.

Bridge & Structural Monitoring

Vibration monitoring and deflection of bridges under dynamic load impact is essential to understand the status of the infrastructure and determine maintenance needs. Interferometric radar is used on bridges and other structures to reduce risks and support performance.

Slope Monitoring

Radar technology is used for monitoring of displacements and movements in slopes and structures that pose risks to network safety. Monitoring of terrain, like unstable slopes, landslides and glaciers, is an increasingly important task for today’s geotechnical experts.

Case Studies

Monitoring Union Station

Canada’s Union Station underwent refurbishment which required new foundation work. Each column in the lowest basement level was supported by jacks, cut away to permit foundation work, slightly lengthened, and reloaded.

Safeguarding Paddington Station

Crossrail, a new station under construction at Paddington, will be a key hub in the east west route. As work progresses within a densely built area of London, the largest automated monitoring network is measuring the impact on the buildings.

Underground evacuation planning

The Stadtmitte U-Bahn station is one of 173 underground metro stations in the city and access to Berlin’s most famous square which attract thousands of people every day, making risk management and evacuation planning imperative to visitors’ safety.

Reporter Rail Edition

This edition explores how Hexagon supports rail professionals through geospatial solutions.

Hexagon Geosystems - Railways Solutions - 3D Surveying

A digital representation of the rail network allows you to bring field work into the office and reduce the time staff spend on the tracks. Knowing the exact location and condition of all your assets is the foundation for new construction, operation and maintenance.


Hexagon Geosystems - Railways Solutions - Asset Management

Rail construction projects require the highest accuracy standards when it comes to planning, stakeout and documentation. Hexagon offers smart positioning solutions for construction equipment and surveying tools to acquire track geometry and track environment data.


Hexagon Geosystems - Railways Solutions - Inspection & Monitoring

Operation and maintenance tasks can be automated with the use of mobile reality capture solutions that simplify the batch calculations of clearances, track geometry, track profiles, ballast volume, and catenary positions. Hexagon solutions also enable the reliable and digital measurement of loads.




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