The global demand for rail transportation is increasing. Population growth, urbanisation and ageing infrastructures contribute to this trend. Bringing the track environment into the digital world helps network providers analyse, manage and optimise the infrastructure without the need for costly and regular on-site deployment of resources.

Hexagon’s rail solutions enable digitisation, supporting network providers to identify changes, recognise weaknesses, mitigate risks and, most importantly, plan ahead – all crucial steps to the safe and efficient transportation of passengers and freight. High-precision imaging, laser and radar sensors coupled with innovative software allows the capture, measurement, analysis and visualisation of the track environment.

Providing solutions to rail professionals worldwide

Building, maintaining and optimising rail networks ensures the safety and timely delivery of passengers and goods. Hexagon’s rail solutions help to capture, measure, analyse, visualise and manage digital realities of the rail tracks and network environment. Network providers use the railway infrastructure data to make more informed decisions. Hexagon provides solutions for track clearances, asset management, track geometry, slope and infrastructure monitoring, load measurement, ballast condition, catenary mapping, and vegetation encroachment survey and change detection.

Hexagon Geosystems - Railways Solutions - 3D Surveying

A digital representation of the rail network allows you to bring field work into the office and reduce the time staff spend on the tracks. Knowing the exact location and condition of all your assets is the foundation for new construction, operation and maintenance.


Hexagon Geosystems - Railways Solutions - Asset Management

Rail construction projects require the highest accuracy standards when it comes to planning, stakeout and documentation. Hexagon offers smart positioning solutions for construction equipment and surveying tools to acquire track geometry and track environment data.


Hexagon Geosystems - Railways Solutions - Inspection & Monitoring

Operation and maintenance tasks can be automated with the use of mobile reality capture solutions that simplify the batch calculations of clearances, track geometry, track profiles, ballast volume, and catenary positions. Hexagon solutions also enable the reliable and digital measurement of loads.


Hexagon Geosystems - Railways Solutions - Maintenance & Planing

Hexagon’s sophisticated active infrastructure and slope monitoring processes and equipment prevent accidents and emergencies. In case of an incident, reality capture sensors help document the damage for informed decision making and efficient resource deployment.


Case Studies

Keeping Spain on track with high-speed rail

Using reality capture mobile mapping sensor platform for high-speed railway lines in Spain

Mobile mapping at high speed

Surveying a rail network with the Pegasus:Two in the United Kingdom

Improving China’s rail industry with SiTrack:One

Chinese customers use Leica SiTrack:One to develop a new rail detection method successfully

Reporter Rail Edition

This edition explores how Hexagon supports rail professionals through geospatial solutions.

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